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Leather Goods and Highland Wears
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Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors... the sett which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced.

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EXQUISITE SPORRAN, Superior cowhide chrome tanned leather..double embossed..hand braided flap..chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-555 US$29.90
ROB ROY STYLE: Handmade..main body soft grain cowhide.heavy weight flap.hand braided lace drawstring closure with tassels.belt strap included.
Art # LCP-556 US$29.50
COYOTE FUR SPORRAN: front genuine fur..real leather back..flap like coyote head..three chain with tassel metal bobbles..chain belt included.
Art # LCP-567 US$27.50
DELUXE COYOTE FUR SPORRAN:- genuine leather body..chrome Cantle..three tassels mounted on chrome chain and ball bells..chain belt included
Art # LCP-560 US$31.90
HANDMADE COYOTE MASK HEAD:head serves as front flap..original coyote fur with real leather body..chain belt strap included.
Art # LCP-562 US$69.50
RED FOX SPORRAN: genuine red-gray fox fur...chain with tassels metal bobbles..chrome cantle..chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-564 US$32.90
SEAL SKIN SPORRAN:-Genuine seal skin front..Celtic weave knot work on flap..chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-571 US$24.50
HAIR-ON LEATHER SPORRAN:- genuine leather body.. hair-on leather front..chain with tassels metal bobbles..chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-572 US$33.50
HORSE HAIR SPORRAN:-Genuine Horse Hair..slim smart Chrome Cantle.. chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-581 US$89.50
FOLK STYLE:real leather body..adorn with embossed leather skull..Scottish tradition in contemporary manner..chain belt straps included
Art # LCP-582 US$35.90
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