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Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors... the ‘sett’ which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced. Early tartans were simple checks of perhaps only two or three colors..then with the evolution of chemical dies, weavers were able to introduce more elaborate patterns including more vivid and varied colors. Tartan was used to make the items of clothing which are today considered traditional Scottish dress, including Kilt.

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DELICATE LEATHER SPORRAN:- Fine quality cowhide.Three Rope Tassels..hand braided fashion front flap.Chain belt straps are included.
Art # LCP-555 US$24.50
Top grade real leather chrome tanned.. hand crafted..simple stylish look..distinctive leather strap closure make it extremely attractive and eye catcher..chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-556 US$25.50
CLASSY HAIR-ON SPORRAN:- Genuine chrome leather body. Hair-on Leather front.chrome Cantle.chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-560 US$36.50
SEAL SKIN SPORRAN:-Genuine seal skin front..Celtic weave knot work on flap..chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-561 US$28.90
DARK SEAL SPORRAN:-Distinctive Silvery Dark Seal front..leather flap features stamped Celtic..chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-563 US$36.90
FOX SPORRAN:- Genuine Fox Fur front..chrome Cantle..three tassels mounted on chrome chain and ball bells..chain belt included.
Art # LCP-572 US$42.50
RED FOX SPORRAN:- Genuine Red-Gray fox fur..two unique tassels..chrome cantle..chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-575 US$35.90
HORSE HAIR SPORRAN:-Genuine Horse Hair..slim smart Chrome Cantle.. chain belt straps included.
Art # LCP-581 US$119.50
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