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Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors... the ‘sett’ which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced. Early tartans were simple checks of perhaps only two or three colors..then with the evolution of chemical dies, weavers were able to introduce more elaborate patterns including more vivid and varied colors. Tartan was used to make the items of clothing which are today considered traditional Scottish dress, including Kilt.

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DELUXE KILT:- Fancy heavy cotton..two color combination..a sumptuous product for distinguished people.
Art # LCP-653 US$34.90
ROYAL DELUXE KILT:-Fancy cotton drill..hand pleated..great swing..large pockets..adorn with three chrome chains..perfect for wedding parties as well.
Art # LCP-655 US$39.90
Supreme cotton drill.. cargo pockets.. hand pleated..three silver chrome chains fashion for rich sumptuous look.
Art # LCP-656 US$39.90
HYBRID KILT:- Fabulous combination-front black cotton back pleats filled with Tartan, make this kilt extremely attractive and eye catcher..heavy-duty construction yet quite comfortable.
Art # LCP-658 US$33.90
ACTIVE MEN UTILITY: Heavy durable cotton.Two large detachable cargo pockets.
Art # LCP-664 US$35.90
SKYLINE KILT:- durable blue Jean denim cotton material..bleach washed-double refined..large cargo pockets.
Art # LCP-668 US$34.90
BLACK UTILITY: Heavy duty cotton material..large cargo pockets at sides and back.original hardware.
Art # LCP-671 US$35.50
BLACK DELUXE: Fine durable cotton..large side cargo pockets..deep pleats for superb swing..luxurious kilt adorn with silver chains front and back.
Art # LCP-673 US$38.90
Utility kilt designed for firefighters..heavy cotton drill material..front apron featuring silver with lime and orange trim..broad cargo pockets..box pleated.
Art # LCP-678 US$35.50
MEN KHAKI UTILITY: Heavy durable cotton drill..capacious side pockets..sewn-down pleats..adorn with silver-golden chrome studs fashion..2 fabric straps with brass eyelets and buckles..Machine washable
Art # LCP-681 US$34.90
CAMOUFLAGE KILT-UTILITY STYLE:top quality Camo material-cotton..comfortable..soft on skin..cargo pockets both sides..knife pleated..rust free hardware..capturing the echo of Scottish tradition, blend it with the rhythm of modern times for royal look
Art # LCP-684 US$33.95
WOMEN COTTON UTILITY: Durable cotton drill..Capacious side pockets..sewn-down pleats..double leather soft straps..easy maintenance.
Art # LCP-685 US$29.90
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